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With an extensive list of potential Buyers and Tenants looking for properties just like yours we are confident we can find the right person for you offering the best possible price within a suitable time span. When valuing your property we look at the type of property, the area it is in, the size of the property and the main features it holds, this is all in order to ensure that we provide you with the best possible valaution.

With our extensive marketing techniques we will ensure that your property gets the best and maximum exposure as possible in order to ensure that as many potential Buyers and Tenants see it as possible this includes marketing your property using window cards, brochures and online. We also ensure that checks are done on all Buyers and Tenants in order to make certain that the person moving into your property is the best possible person for you based on your situation.

As soon as we have an update regarding your property we will inform you the vendor/landlord straight away (when the property is marketed, all offers made, if the applicants situation moving into your property has changed.


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